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An influence of WW1 was the general adoption for sportswear by each men and women, of that very smart dark blue cap worn by the French Alpine troops, the age-outdated Basque beret. Try the most recent gossip magazines and you may see celebrities of all kinds sporting a cowboy hat.hat shop

(aka mariner’s, skipper, fiddler or Lenin cap) has the identical older blue-collar associations as the flat cap, besides that the wearer’s job is more possible (however not necessarily) a maritime one. Please visit my shop on Avenue 3 within the historic Oxford Coated Market to try on the beautiful hats.hat shop

As trend in general embraces the styles and tastes of yesteryear — and men, the biggest hat customers, specifically are increasingly listening to personal style — traditional hats like flat caps, porkpies and cloches are again en vogue. We are a full service hat store with hats for males, girls, and youngsters.

We provide a wide array of hats for each occasion, function & fashion. These hats look good and with correct care, can last a really long time. The number of pleats also indicates the variety of methods the chef can put together a dish as so any head chef worthy of the title must be allowed to put on a head chef hat in honor of the knowledge possessed.