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38. Primarily based on the cap on emission units set by order in accordance with section 46.7 of the Surroundings Quality Act (chapter Q-2), the Minister places in the Minister’s reserve account a quantity of emission items which may be utilized in adjusting the allocation made without charge in accordance with Division II or could also be sold by mutual settlement in accordance with Division IV of this Chapter.cap

forty four. In accordance with the second paragraph of part 46.8 of the Surroundings Quality Act (chapter Q-2), the Minister publishes within the Gazette officielle du Québec, not later than 1 December every year, the quantity of emission items to be issued to emitters without charge.

Upon a failure to conform, if the emitter is eligible for the allocation without charge of emission units, the Minister removes a quantity equivalent to the emission allowances, emission units and early reduction credit referred to within the fourth paragraph from the quantity that may normally have been allotted to the emitter without cost for the following compliance interval pursuant to Division II of Chapter II of Title III.

Once the information and documents have been up to date in accordance with the primary paragraph, every person who, on 19 December 2012, was designated an alternate account representative is deemed to be an account representative, and every person who, previous to that date, was designated as an digital submission agent is deemed to be an account viewing agent.