If you walk through the aisles in a pharmacy, you will find various brands of supplements that claim to increase immunity, increase energy, reduce cholesterol, and brighten the skin.

Although these products offer many benefits, you also need to be aware that exercising and maintaining a healthy diet should not be abandoned. Unfortunately, many people feel safe after regularly taking supplements. In fact, quite a lot of supplements are circulating containing prohibited substances.

Unlike drugs, supplements do not have to prove product safety and efficacy before being sold to the market. And most research shows, there are quite a number of products that cannot provide security information. However, supplements are always considered a safe product.

Here are some guidelines for buying safe and reliable supplements:

  1. Be careful

Supplement products analyzed in a study, especially 3 types of sports supplement products, slimming, and sexual arousal enhancers should be aware of. You can Buy Viagra safely at canadadrugsdirect.com.

  1. Selectively choose the store

Drugstore agents, pharmacies, and specialty stores usually act faster to withdraw items withdrawn from circulation.

  1. Be careful about offering low prices

An analysis conducted shows, the more expensive the price of supplements, the more appropriate the dosage they use according to the standards set.

  1. Check the USP sign that has been verified

If there is verification of USP (US Pharmacopeia nonprofit company) means that the product contains the appropriate ingredients listed and does not contain any levels of prohibited contaminants.

  1. Look for information on trusted sites

You can read the supplement fact sheet from the National Institutes of Health Office of the Dietary Supplement. Pay attention to products that get dangerous warnings.

  1. Consultation with experts

Consult with your pharmacist or doctor for side effects or drug interactions.

  1. Avoid dubious ingredients

There are four ingredients associated with serious side effects, and not worth the risk:

Kava. This material has been reported to cause liver damage.

Bitter Orange. This ingredient contains chemical synephrine, which has been linked to heart attacks and strokes in healthy people when taken alone or combined with caffeine.

Contaminated L-Tryptophan. This material is related to neurotoxic reactions.

Chromium. When used excessively, it can lead to anemia or even kidney failure.